About ILLS

ILLS is a general linguistics conference open to all subfields and primarily encouraging the submission of abstracts by graduate students.

The ILLS annual conference is proud to be entirely student-organized and operated by the Linguistics Student Organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In the past, ILLS has held special sessions on a variety of themes including Minority Languages, Pragmatics, and Multilingualism. Since 2009 this conference has grown to include student presenters from across the country; in 2013, we reached a milestone of one hundred registered attendees.

Current Conference

Theme: Language, Learning, and Technology: Linguistics in the 21st Century

Principles of linguistics have played a pivotal role in driving many the development of many of today's technologies, from speech recognition and speech synthesis to machine understanding of language and automatic translation, and the field of linguistics continues to be greatly informed by technological advances such as methods of collecting and organizing field data and the analysis of large-scale text and speech corpora. Technology in the 21st century also allows people to communicate with others in linguistically and culturally contextualized ways; as a tool in the classroom, technology can support and enhance language learning.

This year, we especially encourage submissions related to our two sub-themes of language acquisition and language technology/translation, though we gladly welcome submissions from every field of linguistics.

Sociolinguistics Symposium: Acts of Identity

Identity construction, as performative acts in the intersection of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and nationality, presents opportunities for us to theorize on language as the quintessential human-social activity. This session invites abstracts that focus on various semiotic practices —including but not limited to codeswitching, stance-taking, lexical choice, script choice, and phonetic variation—of identity-construction/meaning-making in different modalities (spoken, written, visual).

More information about the Sociolinguistics Symposium (to be held on Thursday, April 25) can be found here.

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