Contact Info

Illinois Language and Linguistics Society
Attn: Amy Gorgone
University of Illinois Department of Linguistics
4080 Foreign Language Building
707 S. Mathews Avenue, MC-168
Urbana, IL 61801

Email: ills-conference (at) illinois (dot) edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can register at the conference. However, there will be a small additional fee.
If you have some results to show, that is perfectly acceptable.
No breakfast will be provided, but snacks will be available during coffee breaks.

Lunch and other food can be purchased on the Lower and Main Levels of the Illini Union, as well as on Greet Street nearby.
Nightlife is vibrant in downtown Champaign and Urbana. Recommendations will be provided in the conference program.
Please email us at: ills-conference (at) illinois (dot) edu

Organizing Committee

Conference Chair: Amy Gorgone (Linguistics)

Mohammed Al-Ariqy (Linguistics), Fahd Alhathloul (Translation Studies), Ander Beristain (Spanish), Jack Dempsey (Educational Psychology), Allison Casar (Linguistics), Gabrielle Colonna (French), Laura Cummings (Spanish), Eider Etxebarria Zuluaga (Spanish), Helen Gent (Linguistics), Lindsey Graham (Linguistics), Chelsey Norman (Linguistics), Tricia Thrasher (French), Robin Turner (French), Gorrety Wawire (Linguistics), Kara Yarrington (Spanish), and Jennifer Zhang (Linguistics)

Scientific Committee

Wafa Abdulla, Chase Adams, Mohammed Al-Ariqy, Ander Beristain, Crystal Bonano, Allison Casar, Laura Cummings, Chung-Yu Chen, Emily Chen, Sarah Choi, Gabrielle Colonna, Brennan Dell, Jack Dempsey, Sara Fernandez Cuenca, Helen Gent, Maria Goldshtein, Amy Gorgone, Lindsey Graham, Anita Greenfield, Iftikhar Haider, Ane Icardo Isasa, Hannah Kim, Yuyun Lei, Chilin Liu, Dawn Navejas, Chelsey Norman, Hayley Park, Jaehee Park, Daniel Ross, Yan Sun, Aida Talić, Tricia Thrasher, Robin Turner, Almike Velazquez Lozares, Kara Warburton, Gorrety Wawire, Kara Yarrington, Jennifer Zhang, and Yihan Zhou