About ILLS


ILLS is a general linguistics conference open to all subfields and primarily encouraging the submission of abstracts by graduate students.

The ILLS annual conference is proud to be entirely student-organized and operated by the Linguistics Student Organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In the past, ILLS has held special sessions on a variety of themes including Minority Languages, Pragmatics, and Multilingualism. Since 2009 this conference has grown to include student presenters from across the country; in 2013, we reached a milestone of one hundred registered attendees.

The ILLS12 committee is:
Chelsey Norman, Gorrety Wawire (co-chairs)
Ander Beristain, Allison Casar, Ping-Lin Chuang, Gabrielle Colonna, Brennan Dell, Jack Dempsey, Amy Gorgone, Giang Le, Sara Saez Fajardo, Karla G. Sanabria Véaz, Tricia Thrasher, Robin Turner, Kara Yarrington